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Augmented Reality Augmented Touch to Reality

Many modern devices already support Augmented reality. From smartphones and tablets to gadgets like Google Glass or handheld devices, and these technologies continue to evolve.

Augmented Reality is transforming customer experience and engagement across all sectors. It has helped companies bring in marketing innovation, enhanced product positioning, and create captivating real-life environments for involving user-experience. 

And we help you create this unique experience and innovate your campaigns, with advanced AR solutions that can be implemented across diverse platforms. 

Potential areas of AR application incude

  • Education: interactive models for learning and training purposes, from mathematics to chemistry.
  • Medicine/healthcare: to help diagnose, monitor, train, localize, etc.
  • Tourism: data on destinations, sightseeing objects, navigation, and directions.
  • Broadcasting: enhancing live events and event streaming by overlaying content.
  • Industrial design: to visualize, calculate or model

We have earned the trust of users , including these fine companies

  • Path Breaker Skill Enterprises
  • iBtions Infologies
  • CastleBrix
  • Nanik Rupani
  • SchoolStuff
  • SchoolStore
  • NutraMeals
  • Priyadarshini Academy

Recent Testimonials

  • Duarte Carreiro

    Duarte Carreiro CEO, NutraMeals

    I have known Chintan for over 2 years. Since the moment we first met, I have been highly impressed by his technical know-how and intuitive sense of user design and experience. Soon after forming BlueSantra, Chintan and I started working on creative technology solutions for what eventually became Nutra Meals’ renowned e-commerce experience. I can confidently say that Nutra Meals would not be where it is today, without the guidance and council of Chintan, Pinak and the BlueSantra leadership team.